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The National Union of Students in Hungary (HÖOK) is seeking to appoint mentors for its Stipendium Hungaricum Mentor Network
Deadline for applications: 20 June 2018 (Wednesday)

The National Union of Students in Hungary (HÖOK) is seeking to

appoint mentors for its Stipendium Hungaricum Mentor Network (for semesters of 2018 and 2019)


Dear Students,

HÖOK  is  seeking  to  appoint  mentors  for  its  Stipendium  Hungaricum  Mentor  Network. Mentors  take  tasks  on  contemporary  assistance and  on  the  integration  of  foreign  students coming to Hungary under the Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Programme in semesters of 2018 and 2019.


Deadline for applications: 20 June 2018 (Wednesday) Application happens online: send a CV and a letter of motivation to .



After  sending  the  application,  each  applicant  receives  a  confirmatory  e-mail.  At  times  the system categorises such e-mails as spams. In case you do not receive a confirmatory e-mail within  two  days,  we  recommend  you  to  check  your  spam  folders  or  inform  us  about  the problem  by  sending  an  e-mail  to  We  will  look  after  your  application afterwards.

Should you have any questions, send an e-mail to

We hope to see you soon



Mentors’ tasks

  •    Mentors  are  sophomore  or  senior  students  that go  to  the same  university  and  help the  institutional  integration  of  their  mentorees.  After  the  mentorees’  arrival  to Hungary, mentors help them with the integration to student scene. It is the mentors’ responsibility  to  keep  in  touch  with  their  mentorees  and  to  inform  them  about  any current institutional competitions and scholarships, as well as about the institutional academic system.
  •    Mentors  may  help  more  than  one  mentoree  at  the  same  time,  which  they  receive allowances for.
  •    Mentors  are  responsible  for  their  positions  for  ten  months  –  one  academic  year  – during which they are required to own students’ status.
  • Mentors are kindly asked to forward matters to the mentor network’s management of their mentorees that cannot be solved within their own responsibility.
  •    Mentors are responsible for keeping in touch with the institution’s directing mentor, for satisfying their administrative tasks and for giving monthly written records on their tasks.
  •    Mentors are required to do their utmost and be present on trainings and on country image building programmes organised by the management of the mentor network.




Criteria for application

  •    Except for freshmen, each student is able to receive mentorship, provided that they are involved in full time training (BA, MA, undivided trainings, higher level vocational trainings) during the semesters of 2018 and 2019.
  •    Since the common working language of the Stipendium Hungaricum Mentor Network is English, mentors are all required to use English at mid-level.
  •    In  case  of  successful  application,  mentors  are  required  to  visit  the  Mentor  Camp, organised    by    the    managers    of    the    mentor    network,    during    which    their accommodation, dining and training is proved.
  •    Provided that mentors fulfil the requirements, they receive allowances.




Examination of applications

  •    Each  applicant  receives  a  confirmation  by  22  June,  2018.  In  case  of  the  application being successful, it is followed by an interview and enrolment (when needed).
  •    Applicants will be informed about the Mentor Camp online, in June, after the end of the  enrolment  period.  We  will  send  such  messages  to  those  e-mail  addresses  that were mentioned on the application pages. We kindly ask each applicant to provide a gmail address.



Budapest, 6 June, 2018

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