«September 2020»

TUKE-BBS meeting in Budapest

BBS’s expressed goal is to become a major player among universities of applied sciences in the Central-Eastern European higher education area. In order to reach this goal we do not only work to improve international study environment, the mobility programmes and the provided training facilities, but also to explore new opportunities of international research cooperations.

On 26th March, the academically highest ranked Faculty of Economics in Slovakia (Technical University of Kosice) delegation arrived to Budapest to make a one-day visit to our main institution located in Markó street.

On behalf of the Budapest Business School, Prof. Dr. Balázs Heidrich Rector, Dr. habil. Zoltán Szabó Director of International Affairs, Dr. Krisztina Szegedi Vice Rector for Research, Dr. Sára Csillag Dean of Faculty of Finance and Accountancy, Dr. Gábor Király Vice Dean of FFC, Dr. Ágnes Mészáros, Dr. György Neszmélyi and Dr. Gábor Réthi as the faculties’ Directors of International Affairs greeted officially the Slovak delegation.

The Slovak University’s representatives were assoc. prof. Michal Šoltés dean, assoc. prof. Ján Buleca vice dean for external relations and development, prof. Vladimír Gazda Head of Department of Finance and assoc. prof. Marianna Siničáková Head of Department of Economic Theories.

The main emphasis of the current event was on a mutually beneficial and harmonious relationship between the two universities in order to create future possibilities for cooperation in the area of research and education.

The TUKE-BBS meeting also provided and excellent opportunity to introduce the works of Centres of Excellence. The Centre of Excellence on Cyber-economy was represented by Dr. László Csonka, while Dr. Zsuzsanna Géring presented the actual projects of the Future of Higher Education Research Centre.