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Support opportunity for Foreign Students 05.06.

Dear Students!

Digital distance learning is now in its third month. Thousands of Teams groups have been formed, online lectures, seminars, language lessons are continously taking place, so much so that our learning support systems are not resting for even a minute. Our instructors will continue to do their best to ensure a smooth end to the semester, working creatively and enthusiastically on additional solutions.

The situation caused by the coronavirus has changed the daily lives of all of us and is slowly affecting all areas of life. In the current economic situation, the Budapest Business School would like to extend special support to its students to assist in them in the successful completion of their studies, with a newly established scholarship, payment deferrals and eased requirements.


The latest measures of BBS, support opportunities:


• Need-based scholarships for fee-paying students: the University’s new financial support, created specifically and uniquely for the current economic crisis situation is for fee-paying students who have experienced a significant deterioration in their financial situation, thereby jeopardizing their studies. Self-funded students in undergraduate, master's and other higher education programs are eligible to receive support.

The call for the  funding proposal is available here.

  • We are providing a deferral of payment of fees until the end of the examination period. Applications must be submitted by May 1st.
  • We are providing relief or exemption from meeting certain requirements that have become more difficult due to the crisis situation, such as the completion of professional internships.
  • The final exams will be held online (details to follow later).


The University will continue to do its utmost to provide as much assistance as possible throughout the current crisis situation.

Please continue to follow the constantly updated general and University measures on the website!

Let's continue to take care of each other!


BBS Management

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