«September 2020»

Notice on the obligation to report quarantine

Dear Students,

This is to inform you that due to changes in the data provision reporting obligation imposed on the university, in future we will have to report on how many of our students are under epidemiological observation, furthermore, how many are in official home quarantine. If you are currently affected by either of these statuses, please complete the Reporting COVID-19 epidemiological observation/official home quarantine form in Neptune.

If you have already been tested and your PCR test gave a positive result or your GP unequivocally established that you have the disease, please complete the Reporting Covid-19 infection document.

If you have recovered from the disease or, lacking findings indicating infection, you have been exempted from being placed under epidemiological observation or in official home quarantine, please complete the Reporting closure of COVID-19 epidemiological observation/official home quarantine form. Once you have done this you may come back to the university.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Kind regards,

Leadership of BBS

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