«August 2020»

Need-based Scholarship Application for Fee-paying Students 05.06.

The Objective of the Scholarship

Providing ad hoc support for fee-paying students who have experienced a significant deterioration in their financial situation in connection with the Covid-19 pandemic, thereby jeopardizing the continuation and/or completion of their studies.



Self-funded students in Higher Education Vocational Programs,  Undergraduate Programs or Master's Programs are eligible to receive support.


The Scholarship Fellow’s Rights and Obligations

The students in the above-defined programs are entitled to become acquainted with the conditions of the application and the system of evaluation criteria, to submit the application and to file an appeal regarding the result. The student submitting the application is obliged to prove the authenticity of his/her support request.


The Decision-making Process

Applications submitted in the Modulo system (“Need-based Scholarship Application for fee-paying students”) are evaluated by the Student Welfare Committees in each Faculty on the basis of the extraordinary social hardship scholarship criteria system under Section 93 of the Student Requirement System (HKR). The Student Benefits Council will decide on the awarding of the financial assistance.


The Facilitator of the Process

The technical facilitator of the scholarship application process is the Directorate of Education, which ensures the publication of the online application form and provides access to the submitted applications for the Student Welfare Committees, who will  be continuously evaluating the submitted applications. The Student Benefits Council will decide twice on the awarding of the financial assistance, in line with the results announcement dates given in point 7.


Reporting and Accounting Obligations of the Scholarship Fellow

The student participates in the application process voluntarily and agrees to provide the necesarry data required to assess his/her financial situation. Only information that has been duly substantiated by the student will be considered in the assessment.


Application Deadlines

Application Submission: May 4,  2020 to June 30, 2020.

Deadline for Publication of the Results of the Submitted Applications: May 22, 2020 for applications submitted by May 15, 2020. Thereafter, the results of the submitted applications will be announced on July 7, 2020.


Determining the Rectification Option

A fee-paying student may submit only one application. 3 working days are available as an opportunity to rectify the situation.


Appeal Opportunities

According to the Student Requirement System (HKR), an appeal can be lodged within 15 days of receipt of the decision.

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