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MasCupon challenge - paid internships for students 2016
Deadline for signing up is 19:00 CET on June 30th 2016

Dear Students,

With digital startups being in the news so often, many students are thinking of starting their own online business after graduating. So we have put together a free two-hour webinar in English covering everything they need to know to become a digital entrepreneur in the future, outlining all the mistakes and correct decisions we made on our way from small self-financed startup to becoming a major player in the online coupons world.

I am also very keen to offer students the unique opportunity to work hand in hand with me implementing new ideas at MasCupon. As such we are offering three paid internships to work at MasCupon HQ in Valencia Spain, for three months with all expenses paid, or for students who can’t travel there is also the option of a free MacBook Pro. At the end of the webinar, students will be asked to submit a case study about the online discounts industry and the best three candidates will be chosen to come to Spain for the work experience of a lifetime on the Mediterranean coast.

The deadline for signing up for the free webinar and MasCupon challenge is 19:00 CET on June 30th 2016. That is also when the webinar starts. You are also cordially invited to attend the webinar yourself.

You’ll find the link to register for the webinar and MasCupon Challenge here.

We have full marketing material including a short text explaining the MasCupon Challenge to your students, banners of various sizes, FAQ, syllabus and information in HTML which you can copy and paste to easily announce the competition on your website, here.



The social network for Erasmus students is launching a competition with 4.000€

Deadline for signing up is 19:00 CET on June 30th 2016

Application deadline: June 15th

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