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Latest information and instructions on digital education

Dear Students!

As we have already informed you, based on the recent decision of the government (Government Decree 484/2020 (XI. 10.)), universities, including BBS have switched to online teaching as of November 11th. For the time being, the measure is for 30 days, so we are currently unable to provide full information on all pending issues (such as the detailed rules for the final examination period). We will notify you of these at a later date.

We are currently undertaking the following courses of action:

1. Teaching

All of our courses continue online. Only technical changes are possible in the performance requirements of the courses, not substantive ones. The change-over has no effect on the semester schedule and deadlines, (i.e. the dates in the Academic Calendar remain unchanged.)

2. Internship

If an ongoing internship is interrupted for a reason related to the epidemic (e.g. internship is terminated by the workplace, or in the case of quarantine, etc.), it is treated as a Force majeure, and the remainder of the internship is waived. Students who wish to have their work experience recognized in place of an internship will be able to submit their application within a few days.

3. Dissertation

Dissertations are only submitted electronically, via the Moodle system.

4. Examination Period

The scope of the above-mentioned regulation does not yet cover the examination period. However, since this current period of online education ends just before the start of the exam period, the issue of exam organization, types of exams cannot remain pending until then. Therefore, based on our current knowledge, we have decided that the exams will take place online.

5. Dormitory

Students living in dormitories must move out of their dormitory along with all their belongings for the duration of the online teaching period and must do so by November 16, 2020 at 6 p.m. Foreign students are exempt and therefore are not obligated to move out. Students with Hungarian citizenship can apply to remain in the dormitory, based on a Rector's Justification (this does not count among the justification claims under the HKR).

The application may be submitted for the following reasons:

• Participation in dual training.

• Participation in an internship.

• Continuing work that is essential to earn a living.

• There is a family member at risk in the household to which the student would move to.

• Other justifiable consideration.

Deadline for submission of applications: November 13, 2020 at 12 noon. The assessment will take place within 24 hours.

Students who are granted permission to stay may continue to live in their prior dormitory, subject to the following:

• At the FCHT, one level will be reserved for quarantine, where students (mainly foreigners) who are infected but do not require hospital treatment will be accommodated.

It is possible that the government may later claim one of our dormitories due to the epidemic. They have not yet signaled a specific need for this, but if it does happen, those who live there will be required to move as well.

6. Library

BBS libraries are not allowed to provide public library services, but may accept University citizens upon prior registration, subject to adherance to all epidemiological measures.

7. Student Administration

Unlike the spring period, the University buildings will not be closed to students, so you can come in for administrative purposes. However, we recommend if possible, to try online administration first. We will create online forms for the most common types of cases in order to reduce email traffic. More information will be found in the Frequently Asked Questions for Students (FAQ for Students) within a few days.

8. Scholarships

Students who find themselves in a difficult situation due to the epidemic can apply for an extraordinary social scholarship this semester as well. The application for state-funded scholarship students is open, and the application for fee-paying students, which will be provided by BBS from its own resources, will be opened soon.

Please keep an eye on Neptun and our University website for the latest information!


Take care of yourselves!

Best regards,

BBS Management

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