«October 2020»

Information on Measures taken post-Pandemic Emergency Situation 07.02.

Dormitory Hours, Summer Accommodation Options

Previous regulations on the closure of dormitories have been abolished. During the summer, the FIMB and FCHT Colleges will receive students from all three faculties in Budapest. The FFA dormitory will remain closed.

The needs of summer accommodation in dormitories are decided by the dormitory directors. The fundamental rule is that places are provided for students with a contract for work related to studies (dual programs, internships), but other cases may be acceptable based on individual consideration.

It is our intention that in the fall semester, each of our dormitories will receive students at their normal capacity. Dormitory application is done in the usual order and timing. Of course, we will be taking care to  observe the special health regulations.

Students Entering University Buildings

With the lifting of the emergency, the ban on students visiting the University buildings was lifted.

1. In effect from July 2,  2020, Regulation 6/2020 (V. 11.) of the Rector-Chancellor Joint Decree on the special rules of examinations and admission procedure in case of an emergency has been repealed.

2. During your stay in the BBS buildings, special health regulations must be observed for the time being (keeping proper distance and wearing a mask at the Student Services  and all other offices where the student goes).

3. For the time being, student meetings (Student Council, vocational college, other organizations) can be held with restrictions (attendee limits, proper distancing).

Details of the requirements and restrictions referred to in points 2-3 will be published by the Director of Education.

Adult Education

In the case of adult education, the measures described in the previous point are also valid here, with the following addition: The transitional rules of points 9 and 10 of the Act of LVII. 2020 will apply.

Library Visits

The ban on visiting the libraries has also been lifted. Special health regulations must be observed during the visit. Details will be published by the Director of Education.

Organizing Events

Until September 1, 2020, it is not allowed to organize BBS events in the University buildings. External events may be accommodated with individual permission.

Office work / Home office system

In recent months, we have gained a lot of experience about the possibilities, effectiveness, advantages and disadvantages of working remotely/from home (“home office”). We will evaluate these experiences and will try to apply the positive features in the future, regardless of the epidemic situation.

Although the emergency is over, the threat of the epidemic is not over, so experts continue to be cautious. At BBS, office work comes to the forefront again, but safety considerations must be taken into account when organizing work.




Measures Taken:

–        In the case of civil servants employed in non-teaching, research and teaching positions, the number of days spent working from home will increase to seven working days per month (the Rector-Chancellor's Joint Decree 2/2020 (III. 10.) on the rules of remote work will be amended accordingly). However, during the time of an epidemic threat, workplace managers may deviate from this, taking into consideration the physical capabilities of the offices and the vulnerability characteristics of each individual colleague.

–        Colleagues employed as teachers, researchers are not covered by the above instruction. In their case, the appropriate workplace managers will determine the type and place of work.


Travel Abroad


At present, Hungarian citizens can enter Hungary without restriction from anywhere. In other words, there is no quarantine obligation in any case (according to Government Decree 291/2020. (VI.17.). Therefore, BBS does not currently maintain any travel restrictions for its staff and students.


Rental of BBS Premises

Until further notice, no contract may be concluded for the rental of BBS’s premises for the purpose of any public activity (sports, summer camp, further training, meetings, etc.). Smaller events can be accommodated on an individual basis with a permit, subject to the measures set out in the above proposal.

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