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Information about the Internships in the Autumn Semester - 05.29.

Dear Students!


We have already taken action in mid-March for the current semester in connection with the completion of internships. Since then, the vast majority of cases have been successfully resolved. Administration is still ongoing (close to completion) in cases where the student did not have the opportunity to even begin an internship.

With regard to the internships to be completed in the Autumn semester of the 2020/21 academic school year, there are even more factors to consider that will make the situation uncertain. We know now that this crisis situation will soon come to an end legally, which will lead to the lifting of many of the restrictions that have been imposed so far. At the same time, the normalization of the economy may take longer, so the supply of internships is currently rather limited. Furthermore, there are no reliable forecasts regarding if and/or how the epidemic will develop in the autumn-winter period.

For these reasons, we are not currently working on special rules for the Autumn semester. Based on the experience of recent months, we are prepared to take swift action in the event of a possible recurrence of the epidemic situation, developing solutions that are best suited for the given situation.

If you would like to complete an internship in the Fall semester of the 2020/21 academic school year, we recommend the following:


–        Calculate the latest possible date when you need to begin your internship. The curriculum specifies the number of hours or weeks of practical experience required, so you can match this required duration to the planned completion date. If you want to take the final exam in January 2021, we recommend that you complete the internship by December 31, 2020 at the latest.

–        When looking for an internship, be flexible about the start time. You may have planned to start on July 1, but you may only find a place from September. Please adapt to such situations where possible.

–        It is possible in these difficult times, that the only place you find does not fit closely with the professional profile of your training. In view of the circumstances, our University will be flexible in its pre-acceptance of internships, but it will be up to you to judge whether you are professionally prepared for the job you plan to accept.

–        We recommend that you start your internship search on the University’s new online Career Platform, which is expected to be available from mid-June. Our goal is to make all the offers we receive from our partner companies available here. Therefore, we ask our partners to publish announcements of their available internships as soon as possible.

–        If you have plans to live in one of the dormitories of the University during your internship, we ask your continued patience. The provision over the dormitories has not yet been reclaimed and the conditions for their use have yet to be clarified.

If you have any organizational questions about the internship, please contact the staff of the Career Office (GKZ:, KKK:, KVIK:, PSZK:

We are confident that the Autumn semester can be realized under normal circumstances. If this is not possible, we will take the necessary measures to enable our students to continue or to complete their studies without losing any time.

Please continue to follow the constantly updated general and university measures on the website!

Thank you for your patience and cooperation!
Management of BBS

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