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Information for applicants

Dear Applicant,  

Thank you for your interest in studying at Budapest Business School (BBS). 

In this letter, we would like to give you the necessary information about the application procedure to Budapest Business School. First of all, let’s see the steps of the application: 

Steps of application to BBS: 

  1. Choose the programme to which you want to apply. The website of BBS or the Information booklet for International Students will help you to find the programme, which is the most suitable for your motivation and ambition. 

You may find detailed information on degree programmes of BBS on the following website: 

  1. Compile your application folder by filling the application form and writing the necessary personal documents (CV, motivation letter). 

  1. Print out the application form, the CV and the motivation letter, sign them and send them by e-mail to the following e-mail addresses: 

  1. Please don’t forget to attach to the e-mail the documents listed below: 

In case of applying for bachelor’s programme: 

  • Certificate of secondary school graduation and its notarized English translation 

  • Documents of other previous studies (e.g. transcript of records in English),   

  • Certificate of a B2 level English language proficiency (e.g. IELTS, TOEFL or TOEIC)  

  • A photocopy of the main page of your passport, which should be valid at least for six    

       months calculated from the beginning of your planned studies (2019, September), 

  • Medical certificate of satisfactory health condition that allows studies in a foreign country.  

In case of applying for master’s programme: 

  • An officially attested true copy of BA/BSc degree certificate and its notarized English translation, 

  • Documents of other previous studies (e.g. transcript of records in English)   

  • Certificate of a B2 level English language proficiency (e.g. IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC),  

  • A photocopy of the main page of your passport, which should be valid at least for six months calculated from the beginning of your planned studies (2019, September), 

  • Medical certificate of satisfactory health condition that allows studies in a foreign country. 


  1.    Please check that your application is complete before sending it. 

  1.    After receiving your application, we will give you a feedback on the acceptance, if   necessary we may ask some additional information. 

  1. In the next step, your application will be evaluated and as a part of it we might invite you for a skype interview or ask you to fill an entry examination paper or test. 


The decision taken by the Evaluation Commission on your application might be “AcceptedConditionally Accepted” or Rejected. 

Accepted means that you are accepted to the programme you have applied for. 

Conditionally Accepted means, you are accepted to the programme but you have to send some missing documents to meet totally the admission criteria.  

This may happen in case you are just finishing the secondary school, so you will need to send us the final secondary school leaving certificate after the end of the academic year, which proves that you have successfully finished the secondary school according to the educational rules of your country.  

This may also happen in case you are applying to a master’s programme but you are doing the last year of your bachelor’s study, and you have not graduated yet. In this case you will have to send us your degree certificate. 

This situation may occur in other cases, i.e. you have passed your language examination but you have not yet received from the language examination centre the language certificate. 

In both cases (Accepted and “Conditionally Accepted) you may go to the next step in the application process. 

Rejected means you do not meet the admissions requirements due to your insufficient language proficiency or study results in the secondary school. You will be rejected as well, if the result of your entry examination paper is not satisfactory or during the skype interview, you could not convince the teacher of BBS of your ability to study at the programme. Unfortunately, in this case, you cannot go ahead with the application process. Inasmuch you are strongly determined to study at BBS, you may improve your language proficiencies and other skills, so you are more than welcome for the next intake.    

  1. In case you receive an “Accepted” or “Conditionally Accepted” status, BBS will send you a Preliminary Letter of Acceptance (PLA). Following the information given in the PLA, you have to pay the registration fee and tuition fee for the first semester. After having transferred the necessary amount, please send us a bank certificate of your payment. 

     Please note when submitting the application, you do not have to pay the registration fee. 


  1. As soon as BBS receives the relevant fees, we will issue you a final Letter of Acceptance Decision (LAD), which allows you to apply for a study visa at the nearest Embassy or Consulate of Hungary. At the Hungarian Embassy, you will have to apply for a long-stay entry visa (period exceeding 90 days) for educational purpose. So in connection with this fact, please note, that you may only apply to programmes launched in full-time schedule. 

If your status is “Conditionally Accepted”, it will be stated in the LAD, that you may start your studies only after providing the missing document(s).  

Please contact the Embassy to get informed about all the necessary information related to the visa application. 

  1. Please inform us when you have submitted your application for study visa. 

  1. As the next step, we will send you an information letter containing practical information on BBS as well as on everyday life in Budapest (transport, insurance, prices weather etc.) We will send you a “List not to forget”. You will receive the calendar of the academic year, which helps you to plan your arrival date. You will get informed about the administrative tasks you have to do after your arrival to Budapest. 

  1. Please inform us if you need help to get an accommodation and we will send you offers. As a matter of fact, there is a shortage in the free places in the dormitories of BBS, so you will have to plan to rent a room or place in an apartment or hostel. 


Faculties, programmes and fees for bachelor’s programmes 



Study Programmes 

Application fee for non-EU member state  


(one-off €) 

Tuition fee for non-EU member-state citizens (€/semester) 

Faculty of International Management and Business: International Business Economics in English or in French / Communication and Media Science in English 

Faculty of Commerce, Hospitality and Tourism: 

Commerce and Marketing in English / Tourism and Catering in English or in German 

Faculty of Finance and Accountancy: 

Finance and Accounting in English / Business Administration and Management in English 















Faculties, programmes and fees for master’s programmes 


Study Programmes 


Application fee for non-EU member-state citizens (one-off €) 

Tuition fee for non-EU member-state citizens (€/semester) 

Faculty of International Management and Business: 

International Relations in English /  

International Economics and Business in English 

Faculty of Commerce, Hospitality and Tourism: 

Tourism Management in English 







Application deadline for citizens of non-EU countries (D type visa is required): not later than June 30, 2019   

For further information, please contact: 

Mr. Attila RIBI international coordinator ( 



Mr István KŐVÁRI, Head of Academic Mobility Division Budapest Business School (

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