«November 2020»


Scientific and Research Strategy

BBS - excellence in applied sciences

Scientific and research activity at BBS is implemented at three closely interconnected levels, which comprise a system offering opportunities to everyone with the ambition of creating and developing - teachers, researchers and students alike.

Our programmes enhancing academic and student excellence aim at inclusion, evaluation and nurturing talent. As a higher education institution, our focus is on students and we are striving to regularly develop the content and methodology tools of education, and it is in this spirit that we then evaluate, recognise and reward excelling teachers.

High quality and targeted research of high added value contribute to promoting international competitiveness and has enabled BBS to become a major player among universities of applied sciences in Central Europe.

At the same time, as the leading university of applied sciences offering business studies it is our key priority to carry out fast transferable research, the findings of which the higher education sector can directly benefit from and which can poisitively impact on cooperation between higher education institutions and the industry.

The university's strategy clearly identifies the areas that the uniqueness and market recognition of BBS is built on and that the institution will continue to keep in prime focus. Starting last year and in accordance with this approach, we established four centres of excellence, which, within their respective fields of activity, have definitive roles in connecting Hungarian higher education with business sectors and, with the involvement of industry partners and students, carry out scientific research focusing on applied research. 

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