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XV. Annual Baltic Practice 2015
Summer school in Milano, Italy

Dear Students!

From June 28 to July 5, the XV. Annual Baltic Practice 2015 summer school will take place in Milano, Italy. This year the summer school is held jointly with the International Conference on Public policy (ICPP -

The school serves as an international interdisciplinary research platform that brings together students, instructors and experts for intensive professional interaction in an environment where all participants are treated as equals. We emphasize that this informal atmosphere helps to generate ideas and organize research work in a creative way.

Although the ‘Baltic Practice’ was first held in 2001, the school’s aims have changed over the years. The first schools focused on interdisciplinary work and applied projects for local and regional decision-makers. The school was later held in other European countries and was transformed into a foreign research project.

The school is designed for upper-level Bachelor’s and Master’s students, as well as postgraduate students specializing in law, cultural studies, media communications, and public policy etc. As an academic retreat offering immersion into research work, the school engages students through discussions and offers training in presentation skills that can be demonstrated during public debates in working groups and other settings.

If you interested in participation, please, choose the working group you wish to join:

  • Migration, Ethno cultural Diversity and National Identity (group leader - Mahama Tawat, Associate Professor, PhD,
  • Anti-corruption policy in the XXI century: modern challenges and innovations (group leader - Sergey Parkhomenko, Associate Professor, PhD,
  • Discourse of Power or Power of Discourse (group leader - Anna Potsar, Associate Professor, PhD,
  • Inequality and Social Policy. Welfare State in Changing World (group leader - Vladimir Kozlov, Associate Professor, PhD,
  • Actors of Political Changes (group leader - Dmitry Zaytsev, Associate Professor, PhD,
  • Rule of Law in Russia: Landscape and Scenarios (group leader – Zinaida Pogosova, Associate Professor, PhD, and Yury Fogelson. Professor, Doctor of Sciences,

To be successfully admitted to the Summer school the students are expected to submit an essay on the topic correspondent to the work group of your choice. Please register to participate in ONLINE APPLICATION FORM and then contact the group leader of your choice to consult on the essay topic.

Application period: February 2nd - April 15th

For more information please contact Maria Karp, Master Program Coordinator, Master in Comparative Social Research, Master in Public Policy, Faculty of Social Sciences (tel. +7(495)7729590*12487;

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