«November 2020»

BBS Centres of Excellence

Budapest LAB Entrepreneurship Development Centre of Excellence
The mission of Budapest LAB is to disseminate entrepreneurial culture by sharing knowledge and thus supporting Hungarian small and medium sized enterprises. The centre established in line with the enterprise-friendly strategy of BBS aims to develop into one of the most distinguished research, development, training, and knowledge-providing think tanks of business development in Central Europe.

Sustainable Gastronomy Centre of Excellence
The Sustainable Gastronomy Centre of Excellence aims to expand the scientific stock of knowledge of the field through research, within the broad area of sustainable development, into particular strands of gastronomy and catering. It aims to cover issues as sustainable supply chain and food waste in gastronomy, carbon-footprint models and responsible business practices.

Future of Higher Education Research Centre
The Future of Higher Education Research Centre attempts to reveal future challenges and opportunities of business higher education and identify major trends accordingly. Research at the centre aims at both the Hungarian and international institutional sectors of higher education, with the expressed focus on business higher education, thus contributing to an increased efficiency of cooperation between higher education and industry.

Centre of Excellence on Cyber-economy
The broad focus of high quality applied research by the Centre of Excellence on Cyber-economy is on the cyber economy, and more specifically, on Industry 4.0. The centre aspires to become a think tank with an active network of connections both in the international research community and in the domestic business sector, with its activities enhancing the knowledge-based development.

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