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FAME - ERASMUS+ Strategic Partnership Project

FAME - Family Business Sustainability and Growth

ID number: 2016-1-HU01-KA203-022930

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.

The European Commission support for the production of this publication does not constitute endorsement of the contents which reflects the views only of the authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsi­ble for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

FAME - FAMily BusinEss Sustainability and Growth

Institutional framework and Funding agency of the project

European Commission, ERASMUS+ Strategic Partnership Programme, Higher education – financed directly by the Tempus Public Foundation
Project reference number: 2016-1-HU01-KA203-022930
Project duration: 31.12.2016 – 12.31.2018
Grant received: 216 498 EUR, ca. 67,1M HUF, part of BBS: 63 300 EUR, ca. 19,6 M HUF


International consortium, role of BBS, members of the BBS team

Budapest Business School, Budapest, Hungary – Co-ordinator
Leeds Beckett University, Leeds, United Kingdom
Cracow University of Economics, Crakow, Poland
MAC-TEAM aisbl, Brussels, Belgium
CEPOR Centar za politiku razvoja malih i srednjih poduzeca i podzetnistva, Zagreb, Croatia
BUSINESS HUNGARY – Confederation of Hungarian Employers and Industrialists, Budapest, Hungary


BBS core team:

Dr Ábel István – Project leader, professional co-ordinator
Dr Soltész Péter, Varga László – Project coordinators
Diószeginé Balázs Krisztina, Vörösné Eőri Henrietta – Responsible for financial administration
Participants in the implementation process:
Dr Losoncz Miklós, Dr Németh János Pál, Dr Nick Chandler, Madarasiné Dr Szirmai Andrea, Dr Juhász Péter (external expert), Dr Csillag Sára, Szászvári Karina, Dr Németh Tamás, Ujváry Lajos


Objectives, Rationale of the Project

An ongoing project - called INSIST - is led by Budapest Business School in the frames of the Erasmus+ programme’s vocational education and training strand. The project’s aim is to offer trainings helping SME Family Business owners and/or managers to cope with the complex challenges of the imposing generational transition (GT). INSIST is a VET project with the major target group of the elderly entrepreneurs facing transition in Europe in general and those facing this transition the first time in their country’s entrepreneurial history in the Central and Eastern EU countries in particular.

INSIST project produced country reports on the partner countries’ SME FB systems and the findings proved to be much more significant than anticipated. The results of Insist research, outreaching much beyond the scope of that project can be boiled down in two major outcomes:

- There is an increasing need for appropriate SME FB-mentor trainings with special focus on soft skills, hard knowledge and competences in the countries, but such courses are essentially missing.  This conclusion originated another ongoing VET project, called TRUST ME, targeting to produce VET teaching modules for fast-track SME FB-mentor training.

- During the implementation of the project Insist partners realised that a very dynamic development of the FB research is evolving rapidly in Europe. Family Businesses (FB), giving an overwhelming contribution to the countries’ GDPs (above 70%!), are endangered without having external support helping them develop a sustainable strategy in general and manage a velvet GT in particular. Getting in contact with protagonists in FB issues in Europe like the Cepor-Transeo (EU association) and BUSINESSHUNGARY - BUSINESSEUROPE (EU federation) partners understood that Insist could be considered as a light VET medication to solve the problem, but in order to handle the problematic in the long run partners need to resort to heavier measures and develop a much more in depth remedy, a complete 2nd year of a Master programme with an extended scope for the SME FBs. In particular it turned out that governance transmission is a real weak point of the GT and that internationalisation should be among the priorities at the very first stages of GT. This was the real genesis of the present project proposal.


Main results and outputs of the project

  • IO1 Collating – Collection and systemizing of research results
  • 4 training modules in English (partly face-to-face, partly e-learning
  1. IO2 Fundamentals of SME management (Strategy, Marketing, Logistics… )
  2. IO3 Entrepreneurial finance (From controlling performance to anticipation and management of exit)
  3. IO4 Corporate Governance, HR, Immigrants’ Integration
  4. IO5 Transition issues (Psychology of transmission of power, engineering of the process of transition) 
  • IO6 Work-based learning plan
  • Dissemination materials – project flyer, website
  • Multiplier events – workshops and conference in 3 countries (Hungary, Poland and the United Kingdom)
Website of the project:
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