«September 2017»

Oriental Business and Innovation Center

The Oriental Business and Innovation Center (OBIC) was established by the Budapest Business School, University of Applied Sciences and the Hungarian Central Bank in 2016. The OBIC’s overall goal is to improve the competitiveness of the Hungarian economy by contributing to a better understanding of the South-East Asian region. Thus, the OBIC promotes courses of Asian languages, intercultural and business trainings at the Budapest Business School. The Center also sponsors inbound and outbound research mobility grants and it helps the mobility of BBS students to Asian countries as well. Target countries are People’s Republic of China, the Republic of Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam etc. The OBIC is dedicated to research promotion and it attempts to organize events (conferences, workshops) related to the region in the following fields: international business management, international relations, finance, accountancy, commerce, catering and tourism. As an organizational unit of the rectorate, the OBIC closely cooperates with the International Office of the BBS and it promotes the networking activities of the BBS. 



International Conference on Economic, Business and Political Challenges in the Asia-Pacific and the Central European Region

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