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Law Statement
Copyright The displayed information on the homepage is protected by copyright. The use of materials is only on the basis of prior written declaration of the BBS and with the denotation of source possible!

Terms of use and privacy statement

The access and use of this homepage are under the following conditions, and compliance with all applicable laws possible. With the use of homepage you will be bound by these conditions.


The website of the Budapest Business School (, hereinafter referred to as Homepage) is operated by the Directorate-General of Finance and Central Administration of Budapest Business School (1149 Budapest, Buzogány street 11-13., hereinafter referred to as Operator).


  • I. You with providing your data authorize the Operator according to this statement for use of your personal data. We inform you, that your data service is in the course of any registration on the homepage in each case voluntary. Personal data are not provided to third party by Operator.
  • II. Our websites were so established, that you can usually reach them without providing your personal data, nevertheless using the Homepage a log file is created on the various parameters of your computer. The data are solely for statistical purposes, they are used by the Operator solely for the sake of development of Homepage.
  • III. When you download some parts of the Homepage a small "cookie" can be placed on your computer. A "cookie" is a small data file that the Homepage sends and stores on the user's hard drive. In some cases it may contain personal data. The cookie can be disabled, and about this you can find information in the guide of your browser.
  • IV. Personal data in case of expiry of its intended use or upon the request of You could be eliminated by the Operator.
  • V. The Operator excludes all liability for damages regarding the elimination, late arrival, or damage due to any other failure of the electronically forwarded messages.
  • VI. The Operator excludes any compensation out of his/her sphere of authority for any damages caused by the usage, unavailability or uselessness of the Homepage.
  • VII. The content available by the external website links located on the Homepage (address space different from the home page address is not under the influence of the Operator and therefore the Operator is not responsible for these contents.
  • VIII. The Operator excludes any responsibility as regards content of the Homepage's forum section.  
  • IX. The Operator reserves the right to ban users and to cancel registration without prior notice or justification.  The Operator reserves the right to cancel comments as well as the content submitted by users without any prior notice, warning or justification.
  • X. The Operator reserves the right to change the content of the Homepage and the present statement without any prior notification. 
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