«November 2020»

BBS for a Better Future

The conscious management of social-economic-environmental impacts has been a key issue in the business world for decades, and it has become more and more important over the past few years at tertiary education as well.

Sustainability has always been at the heart of Budapest Business School, but we have also recognized that by being one of the most prominent universities in Hungary and having more than 16,000 students, our responsibility is also enormous: this is why it was an important milestone that last year a comprehensive sustainability strategy was drawn up and launched for developments in the years to come for the first time in its history. Besides our Sustainability Strategy 2017-2020, we have managed to set up an opertanional system that supports the execution of our commitments.

BBS's concept of a responsible university implies that the institution consciously surveys, manages and communicates its social-economic-environmental impacts.

Our strategy for sustainability serves as a guide on how we wish to support our community that is getting more coherent and is operating in a more and more sustainable manner.

The institution builds up the desired directions of development along the key strategic points (responsible education and responsible research, develop our internal community, relations with external stakeholders, and responsibility for the natural environment) attached to its core business, and carries out the projects - including priorities - in order to achieve the set targets.

Since our university's core business is education and research, we believe that throughout our educational efforts it is indispensable to make our students understand the importance of organizational sustainability and responsibility.

The knowledge that they can gain here can also be used after their university years and they can integrate it into their everyday life so that they can become more responsible citizens, employees, and leaders.

On the other hand, we believe that building the sustainability-related social network and maintaining it in the long run guarantees the flow of continuously renewed knowlege about sustainability for our community.

This is why BBS would like to deepen and extend its relations with external stakeholder groups based on the principle of sustainability.

We strive for sharing our own sustainability-related research results and practical initiatives as well as being open towards becoming acquainted with the sustainability initiatives of other institutions.

With all means we are dedicated towards promoting a more sustainable future by setting the direction and by showing students a good example. It is our long-term objective to become a regional leader in sustainability as well as in its education and research.

Sustainability Strategy of Budapest Business School

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