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Academic Programmes

Undergraduate (Bachelor’s) Degrees

  • BSc in Business Administration and Management (English)
  • BSc in Business Information Technology (*)
  • BSc in Commerce and Marketing (English | German)
  • BA in Communication and Media Science (English)
  • BA in Community Coordination (*)
  • BSc in Finance and Accounting (English)
  • BSc in Human Resources (*)
  • BSc in International Business Economics (English | French)
  • BA in International Relations (*)
  • BSc in Vocational Instruction in Business (*)
  • BSc in Tourism and Hospitality (English | German)

(*) Currently available only in Hungarian.

Graduate (Master’s) Degrees

  • MSc in Accounting (*)
  • MSc in Finance (*)
  • MSc in International Economics and Business (English)
  • MA in International Relations (English
  • MSc in Marketing (*)
  • MA in Teacher Training (*)
  • MSc in Tourism Management (English)

(*) Currently available only in Hungarian.

Other programmes

Post Graduate (Second Degree Acquisition) Programmes

These programmes are meant for those who already have a degree (in business studies or in other fields) but wish to complement their training in some specific areas. BBS offers over 50 specialised programmes for those who want to enlarge the scope of their knowledge in the area of marketing, PR, communication, management, etc.

Short-cycle higher education (SCHE)

These are four-semester (two-year) module-based, highly specialised and practice-oriented programs in logistics, advertising, finance, etc. that focus on the demand of the labour market. They lead to a diploma in the specific field of study.

Adult education

Besides delivering training in vocations indicated under the National Qualifications Register, the BBS organises extramural upgrading courses at companies. In the IT society of the 21st century, qualification acquired years earlier does not guarantee up-to-date knowledge, so we offer brush-up programmes and provide state-of-the-art new knowledge and vocational qualifications.

Special programmes

BBS offers its partners a broad-spectrum training programmes accredited by the state corresponding to the various levels of education, besides the current range of offers, on request, it is ready to develop special training programmes and specialist courses for its clients.

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