«November 2020»


Prof. Dr. Heidrich Balázs


Dear Reader,

Today's rapid progress in technology is accompanied by remarkable economic and social changes, which have also made their imprint on global processes, industry 4.0 and the online world. All these influences have fundamentally changed the notion of applicable knowledge thus posing new challenges for players in the international arena for higher education. 

Bearing in mind the above processes, BBS has set as strategic priority to convey to its students, presently coming from more than 70 countries, knowledge applicable in real-life contexts, and at the same time, to ensure a working environment facilitating professional development as well as an inspiring community for its high-quality teachers, researchers and other staff. 

I regard the value of the strong business and industry embedded in BBS as a key institutional asset, which has played a determining role in shaping our course and research portfolio. 

Our university delivers degrees that are traditionally practice-focused and internationally recognised, due to the programme structure designed to meet market demand.

I am proud of our innovative spirit, which sets the path for our strategic direction and is the cornerstone of our uniqueness in the Central European region.

Our efforts to sustain the internationalization of our processes and our business-friendly approach along with our developments are aimed at creating an experience-based learning environment. It provides opportunities for all academics to transfer and acquire knowledge effectively, to carry out high quality research in the field of applied sciences and to create shared values.

I firmly believe that BBS has set out in the right direction and can respond to meet the current global challenges, which will enable our university to become a definitive player among higher education institutions internationally.


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