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Budapest Business School (BBS), the largest university of applied sciences in Hungary educates nearly 16,000 students in the area of Tourism and Hospitality, International Business Economics, Commerce and Marketing, Finance and Accountancy, Business Administration and Management, Human Resources and Business Information Systems.

Our legal predecessor was formed in 2000 by the integration of three successful colleges and was awarded the Higher Education Quality Prize in 2010. In fact, our history dates back to the Academy of Commerce established in 1857.

Three of our faculties are based in Budapest: the Faculty of Commerce, Hospitality and Tourism, the Faculty of International Management and Business and the Faculty of Finance and Accountancy.

Our fourth faculty, the Faculty of Business Administration is based in Zalaegerszeg. Our education portfolio covers all areas of economic sciences, our uniqueness and market recognition is due to our experience-based and practive-focues training structure tuned to fit the needs and expectations in the market.

Our mission is to become one of the leading economic universities of applied sciences in the Central European region, with this focus we continuously strive to offer our students knowledge that is useful in practice and is an expection of the employment market in order to enable them to become professionals who are well prepared, ethical, socially responsible and who have wide perspective, innovative skills, a solid knowledge of their particular field and including foreign languages.

Entrepreneurship-friendly university
Our university aims to establish an integrated and continuously renewing co-operation with all sectors of the economy. We pay special attention to further develop our dual training and form a close collaboration with corporate partner. We have been involving corporate professionals, partners and organizations in our education programmes for decades, due to which we are renowned for offering high-quality practical training.

Internationally competitive university
Our university has a broad international network with more than 200 higher education institutes in 40 countries on five continents with some of which we have a double degree agreement. Currently, more than 900 foreign students study at BBS. Through international mobility scholarship programme,s our Hungarian students have various opportunities to study abroad.

Our aim is to become a definitive institute in our region. In order to reach this goal, we not only work to develop an international study environment, the mobility of both students and teachers and the training of foreign students, but also strive to broaden the opportunities of international research and innovation.

Experience-based study environment
At all our campuses we seek to create a studying and working environment fir for the 21st century. Responding to the students' needs, using the results of the latest innovations in the field of teaching methods, we apply the colorful opportunities of the digital world in practice. We provide experience-based student services and the most up-to-date digital solutions such as wifi hotspots, BBS Campus mobile application, online customer service, info tablets in study rooms, etc.

Socially responsible and sustainable university
One of our universiy's traditional values is social responsibility. It is important for us that our graduates enter the employment market with a clear sense of environmental awareness and social responsibility that they can apply in their daily work and life. Through our strategy of sustainability covering the entire organization we assess, manage and communicate the impact of our activities on our social natural and economic environment, and build our observations into our operation, research and education strategy. Budapest Business School is devoted to contributing to a sustainable future.



Being part of the EU since 2004, Hungary has long been a powerful player in the European and the global economy.
Numerous multinational companies have offices and facilities here taking advantage of benefits such as the country's Central European location. International companies are always interested in and keen on employing qualified young workers.

Hungary is rightly proud of the centuries-old educational traditions and is an important contribution to the intellectual heritage of the world. Hungarian higher educational institutions are well-known outside the country for carefully preserved traditions, the high quality of training specialists and a high level of teaching.

Budapest is in the heart of Europe. The favourable geographical position and the short distances between countries offer opportunities for international experience.

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