«November 2020»

Information about the Autumn Semester

Dear Students!

The school year is about to begin! We are looking forward to meeting up with you again! We are preparing for traditional classroom instruction starting in September, but if the situation warrants it, we will be able to switch over fully and immediately into digital format to continue the semester.

At Budapest Business School, we continue to pay close attention to the safety of our students and our teachers. Since the risk of infection persists, we will begin the fall semester with the following precautions:

• In the full-time programs, lectures of more than 50 people will be held online. The materials of the lectures will be uploaded to the servers of the university, so students can view them at a time of their choice. You will receive information about the specifics of each subject and lecture from the course instructors.

• Lectures and seminars for less than 50 people will be organized in the traditional form with required attendance, observing distance and hygiene requirements.

• In the part-time/correspondence programs, the vast majority of classes will take place online, with the possibility of personal consultation.

• Our instructors will develop the subject fulfillment requirements in such a way that it will be possible to switch fully to distance learning if necessary.

• In classrooms, wearing a mask will be mandatory if a distance of 1.5 meters between students cannot be ensured. Wearing a mask is also recommended even if that distance can be maintained.

• Wearing a mask is mandatory in all areas of university buildings outside of the classrooms (corridors, departmental and customer service offices, training workshops, laboratories, computer rooms, restrooms).

• Separate regulations are being drawn up for libraries and colleges.

Further details and technical information related to the above measures will be published before the beginning of the semester. Please keep an eye out for the official briefings sent by the University! The measures may also change during the semester depending on changes regarding the pandemic situation.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation!

We wish you a successful start to the school year!

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