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ECHE: 51693-LA-1-2014-1-HU-E4AKA1-ECHE


Our University joined to the ERASMUS mobility programme in 1999. Bilateral agreements have been signed with almost two hundred partner universities since then. Year by year over one hundred Hungarian students study at universities in Europe while over two hundred foreign students attend our school.

Through various exchange and scholarship programs a growing number of our students have the opportunity to study at foreign universities for longer or shorter terms.
We are convinced that studying abroad provides the best opportunity to learn about foreign cultures and broaden the horizon of one's thinking.

The student mentor system operates successfully both at university- and faculty-level: helpful Hungarian students welcome and assist in the studies and daily university lives of the guest students. At beginning of each term the exchange students can add their names to the Facebook group and they will get the fresh news and programs.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are ready to help you.

We promise you will enjoy your time at our university!



Student Life


Basic documents:

Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (Application form) 2014-2020

Erasmus University Charter 2014-2020

Erasmus Policy Statement 2014-2020



Faculty of Commerce, Catering and Tourism

Information Sheet BBS FCCT 2017


Faculty of International Managment and Business

Information Sheet BBS FIMB 2017


Faculty of Finance and Accountancy

Information Sheet BBS FFA 2017


Zalaegerszeg Faculty of Business Administration

Information Sheet BBS ZFBA 2017


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