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The Oriental Business and Innovation Center

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The Oriental Business and Innovation Center (OBIC) was established by Budapest Business School, University of Applied Sciences and the Hungarian Central Bank in 2016.

The OBIC's overall goal is to improve the competitiveness of the Hungarian economy by contributing to a better understanding of the South-East Asian region. It is the goal of OBIC to employ its cutting-edge knowledge and efficient operation to become a leading institution in oriental business studies not only in Hungary, but in the broader Central European region. Target countries are India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, the People's Republic of China, the Republic of Korea, Singapore, Vietnam and many others in the Asia-Pacific region. To achieve its objectives, OBIC uses a variety of tools and instruments along the following lines:

It promotes courses of Asian languages, as well as intercultural and business training programmes at the Budapest Business School. It sponsors inbound and outbound research mobility grants and helps provide opportunities for BBS students to travel to Asian countries as well. The OBIC organises events (conferences, workshops) related to the region in the following fields: international business management, international relations, finance, accountancy, commerce, catering and tourism.

OBIC uses a triple helix approach in its strategy. First, partners of OBIC include a number of universities with special emphasis on China, Indonesia, Korea, Japan, and Taiwan. The cooperation covers student mobility, research collaboration and joint events such as OBIC conferences. Second, we have extensive and day to day contact with diplomatic missions and other public bodies in Hungary and the target countries. Third, OBIC gives special importance to working together with business associations and chambers.

The OBIC only started its research activities in late 2017. During this time, it provided a platform for PhD students specializing in Asian studies and it also started two research groups mainly relying on the human resources of BBS, but also including researchers from China, Indonesia and Russia with a focus on Asia.



International Conference on Economic, Business and Political Challenges in the Asia-Pacific and the Central European Region

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