International Relations Centre

The International Office is an institutional, independent functional organization unit of Budapest Business School. Its basic tasks are providing the institutional content coordination, data-, information- and content service function regarding the international field. The International Office is a central organization unit directly subordinated to the rector. The direct professional supervision regarding the Office is provided by the general vice rector, the head of Office is the international director.

The functions of the International Office:

a) providing professional background materials, information service internationally for the management, organization units of the BBS and the Faculties;

b) operation and maintenance of the information regarding international matters outside the Erasmus-programme in the international data base of BBS;

c) carrying out institutional coordination tasks in connection with the participation in the CEEPUS-programme of BBS;

d) assistance to establishing contacts with international partners, searching partners on international level;

e) registration, tracking of international agreement, international documents for internal use;

f) correspondence in Hungarian and in foreign languages, providing translations related to international contacts, information;

g) in cooperation with the Rector's Office participation in preparation, execution of institutional programme, staying in Hungary of foreign delegations;

h) participation in institutional international negotiations, providing memos in Hungarian and in foreign languages;

i) carrying out reports, information materials regarding the international collaborations response to the information, data service obligations of BBS;

j) representation of the BBS on specified international forums;

k) editing, maintenance of the BBS's homepage related to the International Office and the international relations in Hungarian and in foreign languages.

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