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The Higher Education Quality Award was given by the Ministry of Education and Culture in 2010 in recognition of quality management activity of the Budapest Business School.

The quality policy of the university is basically formulated considering the following factors:

  • The main requirement of the social and economic environment in the 21st century is the assurance of continuous improvement of Quality of Life through the complex quality management system of educational level, institutional infrastructure, institutional environment, our external partners, levels of knowledge, existential safety of our internal partners.
  • Meeting the requirements of the Bologna Declaration with respect to the single quality management activity assuring transferability of credits, comparable criteria and methods in higher education institutions in the EU.
  • Achievement of quality strategy objectives of Institutional Development Plan
  • The quality requirements of the Hungarian Accreditation Committee
  • The successful institutional traditions of quality management training.

Quality management work is co-ordinated by the Quality Assurance and Assessment Committee under the Senate, operative tasks are performed by Quality Management Office in collaboration with quality management representatives of individual faculties.

Quality management system at the BBS was implemented step by step and even today it is under continuous development. On the  accreditation in 2005, the Quality Management Manual (at present its third version is in force) was drawn up by the already appropriate quality management organizational unit and Quality Management policy was formulated. The quality management system of the BBS is fundamentally based on higher education quality management standards (ENQA/2005) and it takes into consideration the professional recommendations of the consortium of four higher education institutions formed within the framework of HEFOP/2004.

From 2006 we have further developed our quality management activity on the basis of the Excellence Model in accordance with EFQM Common Assessment Framework that is in conformity with the EU and is based on self-assessment, and even today this is one of the directions of our development. As a result of self-assessment we have mainly processed the strengths and weaknesses of conditions applying the logic of PDCA model in the interest of sustainable growth. Our quality management development is closely connected with the BBS Institutional Development Plan modified in 2007; it can be regarded as its integral part and its means. The long-term competitiveness of our institution can be assured by the sustainable quality management development based on excellence criteria.

In addition to the present Excellence Model in our quality development strategy, we aim at introducing the quality standard MSZ EN ISO 9001/2009 and in September 2010 we started it at all the three faculties of the college in the interest of easier international comparability and more exact regulations. Our further aim is to make the MSZ EN ISO 9001/2009 standard higher education-specific by integrating higher education institutional standards into quality standards, and to enhance continuous development of the Excellence Model based on TQM.

As a result of the successful implementation of its quality development goals the Institution acquired an ISO Certification in April 2012. 

The BBS received the title of University of Applied Sciences in 2016.

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